Sunday, February 23, 2014

DIY Lace Print Frosted Glass

Since we moved into our house in June, I've been struggling with what to do with our front door. Initially, we had a curtain hanging over it to give us some privacy. Because of the pups, it was impossible to keep it clean and keep it from getting torn up or torn down. For a little while, we just left the door uncovered. I wasn't really happy with this solution because we didn't have any privacy and it was pretty easy to see straight into our house from the road. I wanted to give the windows a pretty pattern, but I hadn't figured out how I was going to do this. I was with a friend last week when she was telling me about glass frosting. This seemed to be the solution to all of my problems. Glass frosting mixed with lace is obviously a natural combination. Here is how I did it.

Supplies Needed:
  • Glass Frosting Spray
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Lace
At first I tried to tape the lace to the window frames, but that didn't work out too well because the lace was still a good half inch away from the glass. I knew it would distort the pattern too much. I ended up using my hot glue gun to tack down the lace in multiple spots to keep it from moving when I sprayed the frosting. Despite the warnings on the can of glass frosting, I sprayed the outside of the door. With my big, furry pups, this method wouldn't last a week without getting ruined if I sprayed the inside of the door. There is a glass door on the outside, so I'm hoping that will protect my hard work from the weather.

This was how I managed the first section that I did. I used a magazine and junk mail to cover up the other panes to keep the frosting from getting on them. The tape is pretty much just for looks. What is actually keeping the lace in place is hot glue. I put one dot in each corner and one in the middle of each side. I tried to put it on spots were the roses were so that it wouldn't leave an awkward dot.

This is what my door looked like after 3 squares were finished. I learned as I went that it really makes much more sense to do more than one square at a time. What I did was used the big piece of lace and covered 6 panes at a time. This made the process go much faster. 

This project was pretty quick and easy once I figured out what I was doing. I love the end result and I love the added privacy we have now. You can still see inside, but not as easily as before. During the day you can't see inside at all unless you put your face to the glass. 

I'm very happy with the results and I have a feeling I'll try some more glass frosting projects with my leftover spray. 


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